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December 11, 2010-Jessie
Jessie shows how her stinky sneakers
got her little pinks socks dirty and smelly.

November 15, 2010-Lily
Lily shows her stinky sneakers,
as well as some of her workout skills.

October 19, 2010-Trista
Trista is a lively girl with high-arched feet,
and has dirty socks with stinky sneakers.

October 06, 2010-Jenn
Jenn is experienced with martial arts, and can
kick a man to sleep with her extremely high-arched feet.

September 25, 2010-Lily
Lily keeps her very high-arched feet
hidden inside her stinky little sneakers.

September 04, 2010-Michelle
Michelle has long legs, high arches,
and loves to curl her toes when she wiggles them.

September 03, 2010-Emily
Emily is 5'11, and will astound
you with her unbelievable flexibility!

Announcement-Eva's Gallery Is Fixed.
It No Longer Shows Isobel Wren.

July 27, 2010-Sharon
Sharon is a tall workout girl with
high-arched feet and legs for days.

July 23, 2010-Teresa
Teresa is a workout girl whose feet
are constantly in motion during her routine.

March 29, 2010-Natalie
Natalie is a flexible little cutie with
dirty socks and very stinky sneakers.

March 22, 2010-Tania
Tania shows her good flexibility while
still looking beautiful in her stinky sneakers.

February 20, 2010-Lee Loo La
Lee demonstrates her expert workout
poses with her worn, stinky sneakers on and off.

February 17, 2010-Nikki
Nikki shows off her flexibility
while wearing her Coach sneakers.

January 8, 2010-Champagne
Champagne shows off some shoes she has
for her fans, and lets them see her dirty socks.

January 3, 2010-Jessica
Jessica shows off her insanely high arches
and red polished toes during her workout.

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