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December 28, 2009-Eva
Eva wants a foot massage as payment
to sniff her socks and stinky sneakers.

December 23, 2009-Leah
Leah makes her sparring partner give
her a foot massage after she roughs him up.

December 19, 2009-Mia and Thalia
Mia and Thalia give each other
a foot massage after they workout.

December 17, 2009-Lena
Lena does a long outdoor
workout after she takes off her flip flops.

December 15, 2009-Aggie
Aggie's feet get a good workout inside
her very stinky sneakers worn without socks.

November 26, 2009-Lisa
Lisa warms up a bit before
taking off her sneakers for her workout.

November 20, 2009-Crystal Ashley
Crystal Ashley shows you how
she keeps in such perfect shape.

November 15, 2009-Natasha
Natasha unveils her ultra-high arches without
socks with her sneakers and workout clothes.

November 11, 2009-Apryl
Apryl shows her ultra-high arches and pink nail
polished toes out of dirty socks and worn sneakers!

October 28, 2009-Dani
Dani had a good workout, and dared
to sniff her stinky sneakers afterward!

October 14, 2009-Randy Moore
Randy works out hard in her
dirty socks and stinky sneakers.

October 30, 2009-Nina
Nina is back. This time her socks are dirty from her sneakers.
A fan bought her stinky work sneakers, so she only has workout ones.

October 1, 2009-Nina
Nina's filthy socks complete her workout ensemble.
She wears them around her house like they are slippers!

September 21, 2009-Mia
Mia wiggles her toes inside her dirty socks,
then gets a massage while her socks are on.

September 15, 2009-Mia
Mia takes a break from her brief
workout so she can relax and rehydrate.

September 9, 2009-Angie
Angie loves to workout in her worn
Nike Shox because they are so comfortable.

September 7, 2009-Isobel Wren
Isobel is a very energetic girl with
dirty socks and very stinky sneakers.

August 31, 2009-Sienna Aldrige
Sienna is a redhead with an amazing body,
hot, sexy feet, dirty socks, and very stinky sneakers.

August 9, 2009-Nile
Nile will get you addicted to her Adidas.
And to make it better, she wore them without socks.

August 7, 2009-Strawberry
Strawberry and her dirty socks became
instant hits with a lot of you out there.

August 4, 2009-Lena
Lena said she had very high arches, and people told her
she had perfect toes. You will more than agree once you see her feet.

August 2, 2009-Alexa
A fan immediately bought Alexa's extremely
stinky Nikes and dirty socks after he saw her in them!

July 29, 2009-Angie
Angie wants you to pay
close attention to her workout routine.

July 31, 2009-Destiny
Destiny gets a foot massage after she
does lots of toe wiggling in dirty socks.

June 4, 2009-Bella
Bella's hot workout makes her
stinky sneakers smell even worse!

May 27, 2009-China Doll
China's flexible stretches put her mind,
body, and stinky sneakers to the test.

April 16, 2009-Christina and Mia
These two workout superstars have so many pictures
and such a long video that they get a megasize preview!

April 3, 2009-Ruby
Ruby gets a good foot massage after
those stinky Adidas of hers come off.

March 27, 2009-Sage and Mistress Kendra
Sage owns you with her filthy Adidas as
Mistress Kendra dominates you with her pungent pumps.

March 20, 2009-Mia
Mia wears sexy workout clothes with her stinky pink socks.
A fan fell in love with her Shox and bought them from her!

March 13, 2009-Destiny
Today is your lucky day! Destiny does a pilates routine
and shows off her dirty New Balance and black gym socks.

March 6, 2009-Autumn
Its March Madness month, and Autumn shows off her
filthy socks she still has from her high school cheerleading days!

March 2, 2009-Angel
Angel gets comfortable during her workouts by wearing
oversize basketball shorts along with her Nike hi-top sneakers.

February 25, 2009-Mellie
Mellie not only shows off her very stinky sneakers and
reeking socks, but she also puts them up for sale to her fans.

February 9, 2009-Angelina
Angelina shows off her curvy, ultra-high
arched feet right out of her stinky Puma sneakers.

January 28, 2009-Kim
Kim is petite, athletic, and wears cute workout clothes.
She does stretches in her black socks and stinky Nike Shox.

January 7, 2009-Belen
Belen does some stretches in her sexy Nike runnners.
Her well worn socks hide her ultra-high arches and beautiful toes.

January 2, 2009-Nazarena
Nazarena shows you her dirty workout socks
and relaxes after a rigorous set of stretches.

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